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Edfords Farm Butchery

Edfords BBQ Box

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Edfords BBQ Boxes contain all Organic meat, the Pork and Lamb both come from Edfords Farm, all slow grown and live outside their entire lives.

Our Pork is all Soya Free and our Lamb is all 100% Grass Fed, we will introduce some Edfords Organic Chicken to our boxes later this summer which is also completely Soya Free. 

The Beef in these boxes will be sourced from local Organic Farms we choose which match our ethos for Organic Farming.


Small BBQ Box

4 Organic Beef Burgers

6 Organic Original Pork Sausages

4 Organic Pork & Apple Burgers

4 Organic Lamb Koftas


Large BBQ Box

8 Organic Beef Burgers

4 Organic Pork & Apple Burgers

12 Organic Original Pork Sausage

8 Organic Lamb Koftas