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Edfords Farm Butchery

Edfords Farm Garden Organic Vegetable Shares

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Trial Veg Shares

Coming this June!

What we are looking to achieve in 2022 should be achievable, we need 40 families to commit to taking a share of the Fruit and Vegetable harvest at Edfords.

This means every week we harvest or cut whatever is in season and ready to eat in the garden and what ever is ready to go to the butchery.
As one of our members you receive a box of Vegetables every week with the guarantee that it is local, sustainable, seasonal and organic certified with The Soil Association

If all 40 families/individuals having our boxes were to plan their meals around what is in their box we only need to work with specific products, so knowing we have 40 customers means we can grow our produce without waste, we can plan our entire season knowing how many of each product we need and only harvest what we need when it is ready.

30 meat and 40 veg shares per week will also mean viable employment for at least three people here at Edfords.

This is why they call it Community Supported Agriculture, the local community buys food from a local business growing everything locally employing local people….as an advantage the food is amazing, no chemicals are used so nature hasn’t been harmed and you’re eating food grown in the most natural way, our animal may are all fed without the use of soya using a feed company based in Norfolk supporting Organic British Farms.

Our veg shares come in two sizes to suit everyone with our standard box at £10 per week and our Large box at £15 per week. There will be at least six varieties of fruit and veg in your boxes at all times and during the peak season you'll see even more.
We will be growing everything here on the farm so it will all be local and seasonal, the one exeption is mushrooms which will be sourced from another east anglian, organic grower.