Edfords Butchery Courses

Pig in A Day
Edfords Farm Butchery offers a pig in a day course for those interested in learning about butchery or looking for an experience day.
The day starts with an entire pig, during the day we will teach you how to take the whole carcass into individual cuts and even make your own sausages.
This is a hands on course so rather than sitting and watching someone else butcher a pig you will be guided through making the cuts yourself, we will try to teach you how to make a butchers knot and how to link sausages but from experience we can honestly say there will be those amongst you who manage these tasks with ease and others who will not grasp it within a single day.
The course starts at 09:30 with a tour of the farm to visit the pigs so you can see how and why we raise pigs the way we do, we will then head back to the butchery and get to work.
We will stop for a light lunch which wil be made up of vegetables or salads from the market garden on the farm and most likely some kind of pork product.
After lunch we should be about ready to start making sausages, once again using ingredients from the farm we will show you how to create your own flavours for sausages.
The day finishes at 16:30 and you will leave with a number of new skills and wonderful experience and a bag of pork products from your day.
The sessions will be for six or more people, we can take individual bookings on our website or you can contact us for a group booking discount.
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