Farming With Nature

Edfords Farm is focused on raising livestock for meat in the most ethical and sustainable ways possible, our animals all live free range from birth and are raised far longer than most commercially farmed livestock. All our stock are raised to organic standards, fed with feeds either produced on our farm or other feeds containing only organic ingredients.

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  • Free Range Products

    We keep native rare breed sheep and raise Norfolk Horns and Jacob Sheep. These breeds are suited to the farm environment and can live outside happily throughout their lives, they are slower groing breeds so while we do offer lamb most of the lambs live over a year to produce Hogget, this is long lived lamb creating more flavour.

  • Sustainable

    Keeping animals for meat on a mass scale is not a sustainable model for the meat industry, large scale production means a vast number of pigs and poultry are raised indoors.

    All of our livestock are raised outside in their natural environment, we keep small numbers and encourage people to eat less and buy better meat, this model is sustainable and practical.

  • Ethical

    Edfords raises all our chickes, ducks, geese and turkeys outside, they have access to teh same type of lush herbal leys as the sheep, having a traditional meadow type grass with numerous varieties of flowers and herbage is not only great for our stock but also for the wildlife which shares our farm with us. We encourage all kinds of wildlife to benefit from Edfords Farm through our way of farming naturally.