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Edfords Farm Butchery

Old Cow Ultimate Selection

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Old Cow Ultimate Selection

Pre-Order for Collection on 30th March 2024

The Second of three boxes we have available this selection is designed for those who want to make a family meal one day, host a bbq the next and have steak for two another day, all of this from this spectacular old cow beef.

You can expect beautiful marbling, creamy yellow fat and a a stunning depth of flavour.

The Contents of this box are:


1.5kg Topside/Top Rump Joint

1kg Rolled Brisket

3kg Minced Beef (6 x 500g)

2kg Diced Beef  (4 x 500g)

1kg Beef Stir Fry Strips (2 x 500g)

16 x 1/4 Beef Burgers

2 x 8oz Rump Steaks

2 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks


Always Organic, Limited Availability