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Edfords Farm Butchery

Organic Lamb Cutlets

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Organic Lamb Cutlets

Min 160g

These wonderful Lamb Cutlets are one of the traditional lamb cuts which stands the test of time, this is because they are simply delicious, small enough to grill on the bone and serve how you like them but packed with flavour.

Edfords Lamb products all come from Norfolk Horns or Jacob Sheep raised here on our farm, All live outside their entire lives, we don't feed them anything other than the grass beneath their feet or Organic haylage cut from our farm

All born on the farm from our pedigree breeding sheep they are raised slowly and typically our sheep live over a year making the end product Hogget, this is usually a slightly bigger cut and more time eating grass makes for a better flavour.
As with all our products these are packaged on a home compostable tray or in a recyclable packaging.