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Edfords Farm Butchery

Pre-Order Christmas 2021 Large Turkey Less Trimmings Deposit

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2021 should be the Christmas we’ve all been waiting for, we’ve made a couple of changes this year to make sure your Christmas dinner is as special as your Christmas Day deserves to be.
As in previous years you can order what you want from our range of products but we like to make this a little easier by making up a selection of boxes to choose from, below you will find details about our products making up this years Christmas Boxes and have a choice of boxes to suit your Christmas.
This years Turkeys are Organic, Free Range and corn fed, the birds we’ve selected this year are all traditional breeds, having run some trials with 30% of birds last year which were very successful. The breeds we are raising are Norfolk Black, Cambridge Bronze and Bourbon Red, these were hatched and raised organic and fed organic mixed corn for the first four months of their lives and fed an organic Turkey feed for the last three months as we raise these birds for just over seven months. As with all of our livestock they are not given any routine drugs.
Turkeys will be £11kg this year, this is a little more than last year but unfortunately everything is costing more especially as these are being raised organically, thankfully we are still incredibly competitive and in comparison with Organic Turkeys we doubt there is a better priced Turkey available this Christmas.
 As ever we are unable to give you the exact weight you ask for but if your turkey is larger we will not charge you any extra and in the unusual event that it is smaller we will only charge you for what you receive.
Gammons, Bacon, Sausage Meat and Chipolatas
All our products available this Christmas are free range, none of the animals have been given any routine antibiotics or any other drugs since being born on the farm and raised outside throughout their lives, we know you appreciate the way we raise our animals so we can tell you that the pigs making this years ham, bacon, chipolatas and sausage meat were born here on the farm in February, they are Gloucester Old Spot and have lived considerably longer than the pigs which provide pork for the supermarkets.

Large Turkey Less Trimmings Box

1 Free Range Bronze Turkey 7.25kg-9.97kg (16lbs-22lbs)
12 Free Range Pork Chipolatas
12 Rashers Free Range Streaky Bacon
500g Free Range Sausage Meat
1 Free Range Gammon Joint avg 1.2kg
£100 - £120

To order any of our boxes please select your chosen box and you will be asked to pay a deposit of £35 to secure your turkey with the balance due 24 hours before delivery or collection.

Delivery within 35 miles is £5, national delivery will be by courier and arrive with you on December 23rd, please contact us for a quote.